Book Praise

mHealth is blurring the sharp line between life and care. This excellent book clarifies what mHealth is and offers practical “how to” guidance for organizations that want to ride the mHealth wave rather than be swamped by it.

Dennis Schmuland, MD, FAAFP
Chief Health Strategy Officer
Microsoft Corporation

The balance between "high tech" and "high touch" continues to be debated in American Medicine by the medical profession and the American public. While medicine remains one of the most "personal" aspects of our lives, it is now clear that we all want the best information and most efficient access to care when we need it. The publication "mHealth: Global Opportunities and Challenges" provides a practical, insightful introduction to the mobile health dimension of healthcare informatics. It is this new component of information technologies that is now enabling not only an egalitarian access to information and care, but also a more personal, patient centered healthcare environment.

William F. Bria MD
The Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS)

Mobile technologies have impacted all aspects of our society. We now have an opportunity to transform how we maintain health and deliver care. mHealth: Global Opportunities and Challenges provides an excellent summary of how consumers, care providers, health care organizations and governmental agencies worldwide can develop a strategic approach to leveraging mHealth to lower the cost and improve the quality of health and care.

Daphne Ayn Bascom, MD, PhD
Vice President, Worldwide Consulting
Cerner Corporation

mHealth is not a fad, not a technology, but a breakthrough approach. It has become an essential element of our environment, a powerful enabler that will help us move forward more quickly, flexibly, and effectively than we can even imagine. I look forward with optimism about the transformation facilitated by this new approach.

Former Principal Deputy
HHS/Office of the National Coordinator

M-Health is more than a buzzword and has real, recognizable returns. Dave et al have cleared the clutter and have set a feast of practical approaches to our current frontier in care management.

Ed Glynn, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer

“A tighter bond between patient and provider is essential to health reform in any of its forms. The effective patient engagement roadmap will progressively incorporate patient-generated data, whether from smart sensors or smart phones. mHealth: Global Opportunities and Challenges will help any provider create its mHealth strategy.”

Bill Spooner
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Sharp Healthcare

mHealth brings healthcare kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and not a moment too soon. This wonderful book should be mandatory reading for all senior healthcare executives looking to ways to radically re-engineer the way they deliver care.

Graham Hughes, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Center for Health Analytics and Insights

Modern healthcare has made great leaps forward, and technology allows physicians ready access to decision support and patient history. The next frontier for medicine is ubiquitous access to data. mHealth:Global Opportunities and Challenges is well written and outlines the benefits of mobile health, providing a clear bridge between technology and improved outcomes in a wireless world. It is an essential and enjoyable guide to the the potential of mHealth for all patients, physicians, and healthcare administrators.

Daniel J. Barchi
Chief Information Officer
Yale School of Medicine
Yale-New Haven Health System

Two major things holding back improved healthcare at reduced costs are entrenched special interests and cultural biases. As clearly outlined in mHealth: Global Opportunities and Challenges, evolving mobile technologies have the potential to dramatically improve healthcare in an economically efficient fashion. This authors provide a roadmap for the industry to engage in technology-driven, high-touch healthcare if the industry has the willingness to proceed.

Irv Lichtenwald
President and CEO
Medsphere Systems Corporation

Our current health care system is clearly not sustainable. It cost far too much and delivers substandard results. We must do better for more at less cost. This can only be done through innovation. We are in the midst of massive innovation in the area of healthcare information technology. Learning to utilize "Big Data" in healthcare is revolutionizing how we research and how we train medical professionals as well as how we grade them and pay them. And the rapid and ubiquitous use of smart phones is rapidly changing the touch point that people turn to first for health concerns and information. In this book three of the experts that are leading this innovation give us information and perspective on these forces that will affect all of our lives.

Joe Cunningham MD
Managing Director
Santé Ventures


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